Coming soon: Critter

Due to be released some time next month , critter is a level based run and jump. The gameplay is really simple and easy to pick up. The levels start out easy and as you unlock new territories and progress the intensity quickly picks and challenges your skills.

Out Now : Roof Rider

run along roof tops, jump and fly. Roof rider is a run and jump game with an additional feature. You have a set of missions to carry out in every run, and completing these missions will earn you extra rank. Start of as a beginner and run your way through the missions to accomplish the insane rider prestige. ..more info

Our first game app : stickman ninja

GameApp is happy to announce our first app release 'stickman ninja'. It has been a huge learning experience. A lot of mistakes where made , but we reached there in the end. for quick simple fun play stickman ninja and check out other players in the game center and compete for a top 100 score. ...more info